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Sudden Energy Loss in Cows

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Ketosis in cows causes energy loss and loss of condition – it is uncomfortable for the animal and costly for the farmer. It usually happens in early lactation, shortly after calving when the cow’s diet is insufficient to meet her demands for energy and milk production. Growvite Cow Aid is a complementary feeding stuff that helps reduce the risk of acetonaemia in cows.
Energy cow drinks for freshly calved cows are proving very successful in reducing the risk of metabolic disorders such as Milk Fever, retained placenta, displaced abomasum and ultimately Ketosis. Containing dextrose, calcium and other essential nutrients and given as a first drink immediately after calving these products are proving invaluable at reducing health risks at this critical time . Energy cow drink products contain calcium which may not always be palatable however if there is no other source of water available to the freshly calved cow the majority of cows will drink greedily.
Growvite Cow Aid should be given by drench 3 – 6 weeks after calving. Ask your specialist vet before you use it, but it is usually recommended that it be administered at the first signs of ketosis, or acetonaemia, with a repeat dose after 12 hours. If the condition persists, repeat after 24 hours.
Growvite Cow Aid comes in handy bottles, is easy to use and is efficacious for cows suffering from sudden energy loss due to ketosis. Visit our contact page and enter your details for further information.
Sub clinical ketosis is defined as a cow having high serum Ketone levels without displaying clinical signs. Cows with subclinical ketosis have an increased risk of getting Ketosis, displaced abomasums, fertility problems and reduced milk production.
Some Propylene Glycol drenches contain essential mineralsand vitamins which are important health boosters at critical times of stress or ill thrift.

Managing Ketosis in Cows

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Subclinical Ketosis 

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